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About Zwanenberg Food Group

With 1,600 staff and sales of 400 million euros, Zwanenberg Food Group is one of the leading European producers and exporters of meat products, canned meat, snacks, soups, sauces and vegan products. Zwanenberg has production sites in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. The group sells its products under various successful international brands. Zwanenberg also supplies a number of well-known private labels. In addition to its sizeable retail market share, it has now built a strong position in the out-of-home market. Furthermore Zwanenberg exports canned meats to more than a hundred countries across the globe.


Within Dutch retail, Zwanenberg Food Group is involved in various well-known brands, including Kips and Huls. Kips – the Netherlands' best-known and most valued liverwurst – has been a household name for over 100 years. Kips has expanded its range with a large number of meat products, sausage variants as well as successful vegan products. Huls has been the Netherlands' specialist in 'droge worst' [Dutch dried sausage] for many decades and has a delicious range of traditional products. Zwanenberg also partners a number of private labels in their fillings.

UK and USA

In the UK Zwanenberg Food Group has three plants: Rea Valley in Minsterley, Taste Original in Corby and Malton Foods in Amotherby. These production facilities supply products to all major retailers in the UK with a rich and diverse range, including convenience meals, snacks, puddings and specialties.

On two locations in the USA (Cincinnati and Nashville) Zwanenberg Food Group produces meat preserves and convenience meals for the American and export markets.


Zwanenberg is successful on the Dutch market, but has also been exporting for many years top-quality canned meat products worldwide. The export brand Zwan was acquired in 1996 and has for decades been a global A-brand in luncheon meat, hot dogs and smoked sausage. In addition to some other brands, such as Lupack, Dutch Colony and Bristol, Zwanenberg also produces many international private labels.