New technological developments contribute to better quality products, lower energy consumption and water wastage, safer processes and fewer losses of precious ingredients and products. Innovation is written with a capital I at Zwanenberg Food Group. That not only covers new products and ingredients, but also relates to new and sustainable techniques and forms of preparation. 

Processes and technology

There are various ways to extend that shelf life of a product, such as drying, salting, fermenting, freezing, sterilisation and pasteurisation. Zwanenberg Food Group has been a specialist for many years in all these areas. Moreover, Zwanenberg is constantly looking for new and more efficient and effective methods. These innovative technologies are not only aimed at extending shelf life, but also at lowering energy usage. 

Products and ingredients

When developing our products we maintain a sharp focus on the target group, ensuring for instance that products aimed at children contain the right fats and not too much salt. And within the Linera range, too, (saturated) fat levels have been reduced by using other ingredients. Zwanenberg has significantly lowered salt concentrations across a wide range of products. 

Some Zwanenberg products are enriched with important nutrients, such as iron and calcium. Zwanenberg also supplies products with higher protein levels, for the elderly or people requiring a special protein-rich diet. Proteins are essential building blocks for the body. It is also possible to change the ratio of fatty acids, so that a product has lower saturated fatty acid levels and higher unsaturated levels. 


Packaging protects products against external influences, ensures longer shelf lives, divides products into portions and makes them easier to transport. Zwanenberg uses countless different packaging forms and techniques, depending on the type of product and the markets the product is destined for. Zwanenberg has been using aluminium instead of steel for several years in packaging for canned-meat exports. Aluminium is lighter and easier to open.