Working at Zwanenberg Food Group

Thanks to its very focused way of working, Zwanenberg Food Group has developed into a sizeable company operating both nationally and internationally. Zwanenberg has production sites throughout the Netherlands and also operates factories in the UK and the US, and a sales office in Australia. Our company exports to one hundred companies across the globe.

Zwanenberg's corporate culture is characterized by an enterprising attitude. In other words, risk-taking, cost-consciousness and above all daring to take responsibility. Zwanenberg has a culture in which we communicate with each other directly and are very focused on goals and results. Getting to the heart of the matter, with rapid action and a vibrant dynamic.

Zwanenberg's employees are experts in their field. This means they are able to pursue improvement continually, both individually and as colleagues. Owing to its flat organizational structure, Zwanenberg is always ready to spring into action. Proposals for improvement are approved and implemented very rapidly.

A strong sense of team pervades the firm, as does a keen desire among all our personnel to jointly lift the organization to a higher plane. Our people are being constantly encouraged to think out-of-the-box and to convert sound ideas into concrete action.

To support you in this process of continual improvement, Zwanenberg provides various personal training and development options.

If this way of working appeals to you, then please don't hesitate to give our Personnel & Organization department in Almelo a call on +31 (0)546 547 000.