Seven CSR Themes

We see seven distinct CSR themes, namely:

Health and well-being

Health and well-being: consumers have the right to honest and healthy products that are sustainably produced with top quality ingredients.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare: the well-being of animals is a major focus both here and at our suppliers'.

Chain management

Chain management: Zwanenberg wants to promote sustainability in all links of the chain.

Climate and the environment

Climate and the environment: Zwanenberg implements an active policy to reduce CO2 emissions in all its factories.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility: Zwanenberg implements a proactive CSR policy and demands accountability.

Ethical business

Ethical business: the integrity of our staff and business partners is of the highest priority, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Sustainable profitability

Sustainable profitability: making profit is a necessary condition to keep investing in innovative processes and products, and is thus a condition for continuity of the company.

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