War Child

Zwanenberg Food Group supports War Child. War Child is committed to a better life for hundreds of thousands of war children. The organisation helps them to get to terms with their experiences, make contact with other people again and build self-confidence. War Child enables children to learn to read, write, count and learn a trade, and creates a safe environment in which they can settle down and build a stable and peaceful future. War Child is active worldwide.

Social activities

Zwanenberg facilitates many social activities, both at home and abroad. A few examples:

  • Local distributors in various African countries operate food trolleys to enable local traders to sell Zwan products and thus build a better life.
  • In the Netherlands, many social initiatives and organizations are supported, financially or otherwise, including the Food Bank.
  • Zwanenberg supports clubs and events, including those involved in golf and hockey.

Sponsorship criteria

When assessing sponsoring requests, Zwanenberg Food Group applies the following principles and criteria:

  • Sponsoring projects should preferably be targeted at reaching a large audience and increasing brand awareness.
  • Zwanenberg wants its products to contribute to a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Sponsoring projects should therefore preferably have some connection with health and a health-aware lifestyle.
  • Sponsoring projects should preferably have a direct link with Zwanenberg Food Group's activities.
  • Sponsoring projects should reflect Zwanenberg's CSR policies and contribute to a positive image of Zwanenberg.