Surrey Hills





Zwanenberg Food Group B.V.

Head office
Twentepoort Oost 5
Tel.: +31 (0)88-054 6000

From this location, 10 factories are currently managed in the Netherlands and abroad. Here 100 employees are responsible for the business operations, finance, purchasing, logistics, technological innovation, commerce & marketing and HR of Zwanenberg Food Group.

Van der Laan Almelo B.V.

Production location
Sluisweg 7
Tel.: 088-054 6200

This production location has two large departments, Fresh and Ambient. In the Ambient department, products are manufactured with a longer use-by date, such as tinned ham and luncheon meat. In the Fresh department, the use-by date is sooner. Here products such as Kips liverwurst are produced and we produce our own Zwan brand. Some 200 employees work at this location.

Zwanenberg Oss

Production location
Molenweg 80
5349 TD OSS
Tel.: 088-054 6700

Currently over 300 employees work at this production location, many of whose parents and grandparents also worked in these factories. Because many of the employees know each other, there is a great sense of community. This is a place where everyone is proud of the excellent and delicious foods produced here, with innovation and new technologies being the order of the day.

Lupack B.V.

Production location
Westdorplaan 225
Tel.: 088-054 6600
This production location is particularly known for the Lupack frankfurter, smoked sausage, meatballs and burgers, but Kips and ZWAN meat products are also produced here. Currently some 100 loyal employees work here, 72 % of whom have already been employed here for at least 10 years. There is a convivial working atmosphere in which colleagues help one another and feel jointly responsible for achieving optimal results.

Vleesbedrijf Huls B.V.

Production location
Vledderkamp 78
Tel.: 088-054 6500
Just outside the Groningen village of Vlagtwedde, since 1931 this has been the production location of meat company Huls, taken over by Zwanenberg in 1998. Here our dried sausage experts work on the further development and improvement of products. 80 employees work here, 64 % of whom have been employed at Zwanenberg for over 10 years.

United Kingdom ‘Zwanenberg Food UK’

Rea Valley Ltd.

Production location
Minsterley, UK
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 0BD
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 1743 791 232
At this location, we produce such products as ox and pork tongue and English corned beef for the British market under the Rea Valley brand label.

Taste Original

Production location
Corb, UK
Earls Tree Industrial Estate
36A Causeway Road
Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 4DU
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 1536 463 000
At this location, we produce prepackaged satay, meatballs and breakfast sausages for the British market.

United States ‘Zwanenberg Food Group USA’

Zwanenberg Food Group (USA) Inc.

Production location
3640 Muddy Creek Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
United States
Tel.: +1 513 682 6000
Here we produce meat preserves (including ham and luncheon meat) for both the American market and export under the brand names Zwan, Bristol en Prem.

Vietti Foods Company, Inc

Production location
636 Southgate Ave
37203 Nashville, Tennessee
United States
Tel.: +1 615 244 7864

Production here includes chili and bean-based meals, stewed meals and soups, under the brands Vietti and Southgate.

Zwanenberg Food Group (USA) Inc.

Office & Warehouse
200 Threet Industrial Road
Smyrna, 37167 Tennessee
United States
T: +1 615 244 7864

Since March 2023, we have an in-house warehousing for our Vietti products. From this location, we distribute the products throughout the United States. Also located here is the office for central departments.


Zwanenberg Australia Pty Ltd.

Office location
Zwanenberg Australia Pty Ltd.
Sales & marketing
Surrey Hills, Victoria 3127
Suite 7, 400 Canterbury Road
Tel.: +61 398 312 230
This is the head office for the Australian market of the Plumrose meat preserve brand. Plumrose is one of the most prized preserve brands in Australia and the United States. For this brand, Zwanenberg products include tinned ham on the bone, hot dogs, cocktail sausages, diced ham and other meat products.

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