CSR policy

CSR policy

Zwanenberg Food Group is a food group and a family business with a history going back almost one hundred years. We have a distinct culture with shared values: It is our mission to feed more people with our quality products with a low CO2 footprint. We work hard to achieve this and believe we can bring about change on a global scale.

As a family business, we always look at the long term. Which put the welfare of people and animals first. We are down-to-earth and have a hands-on mentality.
We realise that climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge of our time. And that we have to adapt the way we produce and prepare food, so we can feed the growing world population with fewer raw materials and fewer resources such as (fossil) energy, water and packaging material.

We started our journey almost a century ago, and every day we improve our techniques to increase the quality of our products and extend the shelf life. We do not like waste and certainly not food waste, so we preserve our products while retaining all valuable nutrients and a great taste. We are looking for ways to use less energy and water and on recyclable packaging solutions that fit into a circular economy.

We retain the good and at the same time, we have the power and creativity to change things. Which is partially why we are a leading producer of vegetarian and vegan products. We believe in the opportunities provided by the protein transition. We have a vegetarian or vegan alternative for each of our product categories.

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CSR Policy 

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