CSR policy

CSR policy

As an organisation, we make a positive contribution to society by being socially responsible. We base our thinking on the environment and sustainability and on an enjoyable working climate where all our employees and partners feel at home. Zwanenberg’s CSR policy is based on seven CSR themes:

Health and welfare
Consumers have a right to honest and healthy products that are produced
sustainably using high quality ingredients.

Animal welfare
Animal welfare is a key priority, both for us and for our suppliers.

Chain management
Zwanenberg seeks to promote sustainability for all links in the chain.

Climate and the environment
Zwanenberg applies an active policy to keep CO2 emissions from its factories down.

Social responsibility
Zwanenberg applies a proactive social policy and holds itself accountable in this regard.

Ethical business conduct
The international integrity of our employees and business partners extremely important to us.

Sustainable profitability
Making a profit is a vital requirement, allowing us to continue to invest in
our people, innovative processes and products, and thereby also a necessary condition for the continuity of the business.

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