Products and ingredients

At Zwanenberg, innovation is written with a capital I. Zwanenberg’s innovative capacity expresses itself in such areas as the development of new food concepts. Sometimes this involves new concepts for new market segments, for example vegetarian products or healthy ready meals; on other occasions existing products are improved, both in terms of nutrition and in terms of use.
We always consider the target group when developing these products. Examples are low salt or low saturated fat, and high protein, calcium and iron content products. As a company, we specialise preserving foods; improving product shelf life without compromising on flavour.

Processes and technology

We also carry out ongoing studies into modern expertise. What we ask ourselves is this: how can traditional processes be transformed into innovative ones using new technologies, so the product remains just as tasty, but the technique is more sustainable – reducing loss, using less water and saving energy? Here, the focus is on efficiency.


When it comes to packaging, we apply countless different types of packaging and techniques, depending on the product type and the markets for which it is intended. For example, for years we have been using aluminium instead of steel for exporting meat preserves. Aluminium is lighter, cutting CO2 emissions during transport and handling. Aluminium is also easier to open, making it a user-friendly and CO2sparing innovation.

Our brands