Our brands

Our brands

In addition to its own brands Zwan, Kips and Huls, Zwanenberg also produces a number of the leading international brands under a private label. Here is an overview of the successful brands that we produce and export with our partners to over 100 countries worldwide.

Chicken Tonight

In the Netherlands, Chicken Tonight is a brand that is well known to both consumers and retailers. Since we took over Unilever’s Oss factory in 2017, we have been producing several Chicken Tonight meal sauces at this location. These include the flavours: Ayam Pangang, Sweet and Sour, Satay, Hawaiian, Cream of Tomato, Mild Tandoori and Ayam Bali. Since mid-2019, Zwanenberg has also taken over the marketing and sales for this production group.


Huls has long been the number one dried sausage specialist in the Netherlands. Zwanenberg took over the Huls factory in Vlagtwedde in 1998. In addition to dried sausage, Zwanenberg also produces metworst, liverwurst, kosterworst, cervelat, chorizo, salami, fuet, sausage sticks and snack sausages. Prepared traditionally according to a traditional recipe. You can find more information at www.hulsdrogeworst.nl.


The famous Kips liverwurst has been produced in our factory according to an original family recipe since 1910. In addition to liverwurst, pâté and liverwurst spread, we also product such snacks as chicken nuggets, meatballs, frankfurters, hot dogs, chicken thighs and chicken drumsticks. Additionally, Kips launched a successful vegetarian/vegan concept in 2018. You can find more product information at www.kips.nl.


Lupack is a preserves brand that has been well known on the Dutch and international market since 1956. In 1981, Zwanenberg took over the Lupack factory in Raalte. Products produced here include soup meatballs, luncheon meat, meatballs, cocktail sausages, Gelderse smoked sausage, bockworst and luncheon meat. Lupack is an A-list brand available from supermarkets and wholesalers.


Plumrose is one of the most prized preserves brands in Australia and the United States. It is a superior A-list brand characterised by its exception quality and outstanding flavour. For this brand, Zwanenberg products include tinned ham on the bone, hot dogs, cocktail sausages, diced ham and other meat products. For more information, visit www.plumrose.com.au.


Sonnen Bassermann
Sonnen Bassermann has been a household name in Germany since 1896. Today, we produce a variety of soups for the German market under this renowned brand name at our production facilities in Voorthuizen and Oss. For the complete product overview, visit www.sonnenbassermann.de.

Ye Olde Oak

Since the merger with Struik Foods Europe in 2020, our production facility in Voorthuizen produces England's biggest brand of hot dogs, which dates back to 1949: Ye Olde Oak. In addition to various flavours of hot dogs, we also produce cocktail sausages and tinned ham under this name. For more information about the brand, visit www.yeoldeoak.co.uk.

Two years after Bernardus Struik opened the Struik factory in Voorthuizen in 1950, he achieved his first success with canned chicken soup. Since then, the brand has established a strong name in the Dutch market, particularly in soups and broth concentrate. In 2019, Struik won the “Product of the Year” consumers choice award with its hearty tomato soup. For more information, visit www.struik.nl.


Zwan has been an international household name in the meat preserves industry since 1875. Zwan products are above all famous for their exceptional quality and outstanding flavour. In addition to luncheon meat, under this brand name Zwanenberg also produces cocktail sausages, hot dogs, smoked sausage and cold meats, including ham and salami. These products are available worldwide. Click on www.myzwan.com for more information.