About Zwanenberg

About Zwanenberg

About Zwanenberg Food Group

With 1,600 employees and a turnover of 400 million euros, Zwanenberg is one of the leading European producers and exporters of meats, preserved meat, snacks, soups, sauces, vegetarian and vegan products. Zwanenberg has its own production sites in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States and a sales office in Australia.

We deliver our products to retailers and wholesalers using a number of successful (international) brand names. In addition to our own successful brands, we have also developed a large number of private labels. Not only for the Dutch market, but also for the international market. Currently we export our products to over a hundred countries worldwide.

Corporate culture

The Zwanenberg corporate structure is characterised by entrepreneurism. This means taking risks, being cost consciousness and above all daring to take responsibility. There is an enjoyable, open work climate and our focus is on goals and results. Above all, we are proud of our products and are happy to say as much.


Zwanenberg employees are professionals in their own sector. This allows us to strive for constant improvement both on an individual and company level. We invest in training and development. In addition, we are always open to new ideas and methods. A strong sense of teamwork prevails to ensure everyone plays their part and that the organisation is brought to an ever higher level.

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