Kips to expand product range with low-fat pates

Almelo, 5 February 2019

Kips is expanding its product range with the addition of low fat pate. The reason behind this is that Kips is working on a healthier range; recently four vegan products were added.

Marketing manager Jo-Anne van der Laan of Zwanenberg Food Group explains: ‘The consumer is increasingly concerned with healthy and conscious food choices. So in the past few years we have worked on establishing a segment of lower-fat products under the Kips brand.’

‘The first of these products was the Kips Kleintje low-fat liverwurst spread. This product, was introduced alongside the existing Kips Kleintjes variants, was a success with our consumers. Now we want to expand the Kips low-fat range even further.’

‘That is why we have chosen to add two Linera low-fat pate varieties to the Kips range. The Kips pate range will soon comprise the following varieties: pate spread, cranberry pate, low-fat pate spread and low-fat Ardennes pate spread. Another advantage is that these low-fat pate spreads can now benefit from the brand recognition enjoyed by Kips.’

To give the products the same look and feel, Zwanenberg Food Group is beginning a rebranding exercise that consists of three phases. After these three phases, the current Linera pates will be transferred to the Kips brand.

Rebranding will take place in three phases, each of thirteen to sixteen weeks. This rebranding exercise will be complete in January 2020. The consumer will be taken into the brand operation step by step in the various phases. The first phase has just begun. The products will be available from week 5 onwards.

About Zwanenberg Food Group
Zwanenberg Food Group is a food concern with 1,600 employees and turnover of around €400 million. Zwanenberg produces meat preserves, snacks, soups, sauces, convenience meals and vegetarian products. The company exports meat preserves (among others under the ZWAN brand name) to over a hundred countries. In the Benelux, Zwanenberg is above all known for the brands Kips (liver sausage, pâté, vegan products, meat) and Huls (dried sausages). Zwanenberg Food Group has ten production sites; five in the Netherlands, three in the United Kingdom and two in the United States.

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