Zwanenberg and Struik form broad food group
Almelo, the Netherlands, March 16, 2020
Almelo, the Netherlands, March 16, 2020 – The shareholders of Zwanenberg Food Group (ZFG) and Struik Foods Europe have agreed that the companies will join forces as of today (16 March 2020). This creates a multi-national food group with 1,800 employees and annual sales of € 540 million. 

This transaction creates a significant operator in the field of soups, sauces, preserves and convenience meals. Zwanenberg Food Group employs 1,600 people who together achieve net sales of € 420 million. Struik Foods Europe, which achieves annual sales of € 120 million, employs 200 people.

Zwanenberg Chairman Aldo van der Laan explains: “Together Zwanenberg and Struik can be more effective than operating by themselves. By joining forces we are better placed to meet the changing requirements of consumers with product ranges relevant to their needs.”

René van Drie, Chief Executive Officer Struik Foods Europe: “Today, efficiency and productivity are crucial to success. Together the companies form a stronger food group. Zwanenberg is an excellent partner for Struik, because it is well versed in the segments on which Struik focuses: soups, sauces, sausages and ready meals.”

The proposed transaction has already been approved by the ACM, the Dutch Consumer and Market Authority. There will not be any forced lay-offs.

About Zwanenberg Food Group

Zwanenberg Food Group has 1,600 employees and net sales of €420 million (excluding Struik). Zwanenberg produces canned meat, snacks, soups, sauces, ready meals and vegetarian products. The company exports meat preserves (mainly under the brand name ZWAN) to more than 100 countries worldwide. In the Benelux, Zwanenberg is known primarily for the brands Kips (liverwurst, pâté, vegan products, cold cuts) and Huls (dry sausages). Zwanenberg Food Group has production sites in Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

About Struik Foods Europe

Since 1950 Struik Foods Europe (200 employees, net sales € 120 mln in 2018) produces soups, sauces, frankfurters and ready meals. The family-owned company owns brands such as Struik, Ye Olde Oak (hot dog sausages and ham in the UK), and Sonnen Bassermann (soups and ready meals in Germany). The company is located in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands. Since 2016 Fratelli B.V. holds a majority share in Struik.

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