Sustainable Packaging

Almelo, the Netherlands, August 10, 2021

We are the Zwanenberg Food Group, a leading global food producer and exporter with production sites around the world.

With approximately 1,800 employees, we have an annual turnover of €600 million.
At Zwanenberg, we’re great at making food more sustainable. One of the main product groups where we produce this is canned soup.

Tinned soup is extremely sustainable because:

  • … the packaging is 100% recyclable
  • … it doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge
  • … we don’t need expensive refrigerated transport
  • and there is little spoilage or wastage.

Canned soup has a long shelf life outside of the fridge.
Because of this, many people think it isn’t fresh or that it contains a lot of preservatives. But its long shelf life comes from the fact that we heat the fresh ingredients in closed packaging. As a result, no more air can get in. This way, we actually stop the spoiling process. So our canned soup is just as fresh, if not fresher!

The Earth is currently populated with 7.7 billion people. By the end of this century there will be 10 billion. There are already 800 million people living without enough food every day. And right now, 1/3 of all food produced is wasted. This particularly applies to refrigerated and short shelf life products. This means something really needs to change in order to provide food for everyone. Canned food would be an excellent solution!

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