Zwanenberg Food Group invests in Oss and Vlagtwedde production locations

Almelo, 14 May 2019

Zwanenberg Food Group plans to expand its production capacity at its Oss and Vlagtwedde locations in particular. The Lichtenvoorde location will be closed in early 2020. The works council and trade unions have been notified of the plans.

Zwanenberg Food Group plans to do the following:

  • Extend production capacity at the Oss factory with pork products, which are currently produced in Almelo.
  • The factory in Almelo will have a dedicated space for the production of halal products, mainly for export.
  • In addition to snacks, the factory in Almelo will produce the snacks currently made in Lichtenvoorde and will have an extra line for the production of luncheon meat.
  • The production location in Vlagtwedde (dried sausage) will be expanded.
  • The production establishment in Lichtenvoorde will be closed at the start of 2020.

A number of employees from Lichtenvoorde can be moved to the factory in Almelo. For those employees who cannot be placed suitably within the Zwanenberg Food Group, they will be assisted as much as possible to find jobs outside the company. Discussions have already begun with other companies in the region.

Maarten Elsinga, CEO Zwanenberg Nederland: ‘We want Zwanenberg Food Group to be prepared for the next decade. In the food/agrifood industry, it is all about scale. The intended investments in Oss and Vlagtwedde involve an expansion of production capacity and employment opportunities there. On the other hand, our site in Lichtenvoorde is too small to have an independent future.’

About Zwanenberg Food Group
Zwanenberg Food Group is a food concern with 1,600 employees and turnover of around €400 million (2018). Zwanenberg produces meat preserves, snacks, soups, sauces, convenience meals and vegetarian products. The company exports meat preserves (among others under the ZWAN brand name) to over a hundred countries. In the Benelux, Zwanenberg is above all known for the brands Kips (liver sausage, pate, vegan products, meat) and Huls (dried sausages). Zwanenberg Food Group has ten production sites; five in the Netherlands, three in the United Kingdom and two in the United States.

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