News releases

Sustainable Packaging

At Zwanenberg, we’re great at making food more sustainable. One of the main product groups where we produce this is canned soup.

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Press release

Following the press release and news reports dated 25 July 2019 on the possible merging of Zwanenberg Food Group and Struik Food, the companies will report this planned merger to the Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (ACM).

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Zwanenberg acquires Chicken Tonight from Unilever

Unilever Nederland and Zwanenberg Food Group have reached agreement on the transfer of the Chicken Tonight brand from Unilever to Zwanenberg.

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Victus Participations supports the growth of Anur Halal Food

Victus Participations, the investment fund specialising in the food and agrifood sector, is investing in Anur Halal Food, the number one specialist and market leader in fresh and deep-frozen premium halal products.

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Zwanenberg Food Group invests in Oss and Vlagtwedde production locations

Zwanenberg Food Group plans to expand its production capacity at its Oss and Vlagtwedde locations in particular.

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Kips to expand product range with low-fat pates

Kips is expanding its product range with the addition of low fat pate. The reason behind this is that Kips is working on a healthier range; recently four vegan products were added.

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